How many ways an axe could actually be thrown at a target and still stick? Bad Axe Throwing teaches all kinds of people how to throw axes. And those same coaches love trying out the new trick shots. So here we have some axe throwing trick shots, a collection of creative throws from Bad Axe coaches

What all can you do with an axe? Well, throwing an axe underhand was an obvious one.  Double rotation?  Now were getting there! But that’s never enough…

With years of testing the limits of different throws we’ve discovered many trick shots from both league members and Bad Axe coaches across North America. Here’s a small sample of some of the cool stuff our coaches have done!

We mentioned overhand right? Well Phil’s got you a 1st person view! All you need to do is grip the axe upside down and throw!

Issa little harder to aim underhand at 24 feet

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Upside down is pretty cool, but what about backwards? Gotta get a little extra rotation on that axe to not hit that hammer, but Ryan’s mastered that technique!

Upside down? Hammer? Backwards? Phil here shows off  the triple threat!

Rainy day shenanigans #badaxethrowing #badaxeokc

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Hunter seemed to take backwards axe throwing pretty literally. Who needs to see a target anyways?

Happy #trickshottuesday @badaxethrowing #badaxethrowing #watl #axethrowing #cool #awesome #kitchener #coaching

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Apparently Quinn over in Winnipeg doesn’t need to see a target to rock that kill shot!

Why blind yourself when you can throw from behind and still see the target? Coach Coffin kills a behind the back, upside down bullseye!

Trying out a new shot ??⛏⚰️ #axethrowing #badaxethrowing #trickshot #axe #toronto #iwasprettystoked

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Man, all these throws have to make someone tired, how bout relaxing a little?

Lots of neat one handed throws, but how about a nice two handed golf swing?

Did some golfing today @badaxethrowing

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Not quite enough to have two hands? How about two different targets? Anthony shows us how it’s done.

Don’t run with scissors. Throw them! Hunter then takes it home with the scissor throw.

With such an awesome array of throws, what else could we do? Well sometimes you just need to get creative. That way you can get off on the right foot.

Hope you enjoyed this showcase of neat tricks across the board. How many tricks can you do?

If you’d like to practice some cool tricks or just wanting to have some fun, all you have to do is book your next axe throwing event at your local Bad Axe Throwing Location.

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