So you’re looking to chuck a few axes are ya? You’ve come to the right spot!  Bad Axe Throwing is now serving Kitchener and Greater Waterloo area. That’s not to say that we don’t take bookings for those coming in from Guelph, Cambridge or surrounding areas – you’re more than welcome to visit us too!  We’ve been up and running for quite some time and we thought we’d share a bit more of what you can expect from our Bad Axe Throwing Kitchener location.

What we’ve done is compiled a list of quick facts of what you should know about booking an axe throwing event in Kitchener and why Bad Axe Throwing is so loved and awesome.

The quick low-down on Bad Axe Throwing Kitchener

We’re located at 700 Strasburg Road, Kitchener, in the Forest Glen plaza, behind NoFrills.

  • Location: Click here to get directions and an idea of where we’re at: Bad Axe Throwing Kitchener Waterloo
  • Location is All Yours: When you book with us in Kitchener, WE DO NOT CRAM 5-6 GROUPS IN OUR FACILITIES – that’s right, it’s a more personalized experience with a maximum of one other group – this has been the positive and consistent feedback that we’ve had from our customers who have been to other places and prefer the privacy of our locations
  • Max Number of Guests: Our facility can accommodate groups up to 100 people
  • Minimum Number of Guests: In order to book an axe throwing session with us in Kitchener, we require a minimum group size of 8.  If you have less than that and still want to book, we can definitely make it happen, but we will still need to bill you as though 8 people are attending
  • Dedicated & Experienced Coach: throughout the booking, you’ll get a dedicated axe throwing coach.  They’ll show you how to:
    • throw an axe – technique and all
    • axe throwing rules
    • how the point system works
    • how the tournament works
    • general house rules
  • Pumping Music: we got bluetooth so you can bring in your own music or we can pair it up for you and you can pick what you want to listen to:
    • we have Songza, Spotify, etc…
    • if you want to bring in your own, that’s cool too
  • Targets: We have six of them (spread across three lanes).  We want to have at most, two groups at a time so your group isn’t distracted by having 5 or 6 other groups in the same facility.  Our aim is to focus our undivided attention to your booking and have an awesome tournament, not noise or loud behaviour from other groups.
  • BYOF: Yes, you can bring your own food & drinks.  No extra charges apply

You’re also probably wondering: what the heck does your place look like?

Here’s a couple of pics from our events:

Axe Throwing Kitchener & Waterloo

Axe Throwing Kitchener Waterloo Region

Axe Throwing Kitchener Waterloo - Corporate Event
One thing you’ll notice is that axe throwing is for people of all ages – everyone has a blast!

We are the first and highest rated axe throwing club in Kitchener.

Axe Throwing All Locations in CanadaAfter only been launched for 2 weeks, we were featured on the cover of the Waterloo Region Record.

Bad Axe Throwing on Front Page of Newspaper

Anyhow, we hope this helped you get a better understanding of what it’s like to visit Bad Axe Throwing Kitchener. If you’re interested in booking with us at our Kitchener location (or any other location), simply fill out the short/quick online booking form.  It takes less than 30 seconds and we don’t ask for payment when you fill out the form.


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