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How to throw
an axe

What You Need

axe throwing


For starters, it'll be best to practice with a small hatchet. You don't need a sharp axe. If the blade is dull, that's still okay. It'll be slightly harder to stick to the target but a fully "knife-sharp" axe isn't needed, so don't worry about sharpening the edge too much. If you have a regular axe, that will work too, but you may need to step back a bit further so the axe can do a full rotation and land properly on the target. One thing to keep in mind for axes (of all shapes and sizes), the size and length of the shaft of the axe will determine how far you have to stand away from the target to do a full rotation to hit it.

axe throwing


You'll need a target. You can build one of your own using wood from your local store, but this will take significantly more time to put together, ensure it can stand up to the weight of the axes being thrown. So unless you're a carpenter or a handyman (or handy-woman) we suggest that you use a large circular tree stump. The tree stump that you cut or purchase, should be at least 60 centimeters in diameter (or 24 inches). This type of target will last a lot longer and you'll find that the axes will stick very easily to them once you wear it in.

Safety First

Since you're throwing axes, make sure your make sure you follow these rules:

Rule #1:

Don't throw an axe if someone is in front of you or near the target. Keep a clearance area of at least 6 feet surrounding the target.

Rule #2:

Don't sharpen the blade too much to the point where you can cut yourself. If it's as sharp as a knife, you overdid it!


When you pick up and grip the axe, have a firm grip, similar to how you would grip a baseball bat.

An important element to the grip is ensuring that the blade isn't rotated to the left or the right. It needs to be straight so when you release the axe, the trajectory is perfectly straight and will stick to the target.



How to throw - step 01

Step 01

Place both hands on the axe. Firm like you're holding a baseball bat. Make sure the blade is perfectly straight.

How to throw - step 02

Step 02

Bring the axe back, over your head, similar to the motion of throwing a soccer ball over your head. Lean back.

How to throw - step 03

Step 03

Bring the axe forward, in a fast motion and release with your arms extended forward.


How to throw andvanced - step 01

Step 01

Visualize your target. Put one foot forward. Swing your arm down, to the side.

How to throw andvanced - step 02

Step 02

When the axe passes your leg, bring it up quickly.

How to throw andvanced - step 03

Step 03

When the axe is over your head, bring it forward like throwing a ball.

How to throw andvanced - step 04

Step 04

When your arm is parallel to the ground, release the axe. To ensure proper release, let your arm follow through.


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