UPDATE: MOST of our locations are OPEN for Walk-ins and Private bookings, EXCEPT for: Aurora, Chicago (West Loop), Chicago (Lake View), Fresno, San Diego, Daly City/San Francisco, Winnipeg, ALL Ontario locations and Wembley, London


Axe Throwing Cost


Axe throwing costs vary depending on three primary uses: 1) Private & Corporate Events  2) Axe Throwing Leagues  3) Public Walk-in Sessions


Private Events & Corporate Pricing

You will have a dedicated axe throwing coach that will start off by teaching you how to throw an axe in your reserved axe throwing lane (or lanes depending on your group size). They will conduct fun games then start a group tournament. If you have a corporate event, team building and team-based tournaments will be conducted. Select a location to view exact costs.

Bad Axe Throwing League Costs

Our axe throwing leagues are only $17/week. They run for a total of 8 weeks of league play and also include a league appreciation night where you can bring in family and friends. We also offer a ton of perks to league members! The total cost is between $135 and $285 depending on how many leagues you join!

Public Walk-in Session Pricing

We now offer public walk-in sessions where no previous reservation is required. The cost for walk-in sessions varies by location. They are limited in availability and are subject to change. Please check our walk-in schedule for available times ideally, the day before you're looking to attend.

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