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Axe Throwing League Format

  • 8 Week seasons

    4 Matches Per Night

  • Track your Improvement with local and global leaderboards

  • Champion crowned in week 8 during an awesome double elimination tournament

Make sure to show up to your axe throwing league early to warm up and take practice throws for up to 30 minutes prior to the weekly start time. Leagues will start at 7pm local time at all locations.

  • Axe Throwing
    League Cost

    • $17 /Week
      Standar League Most Polular
    • 8 Week League
    • Double Elimination Tournament
    • Regional Champion Medals
    • Regular Hatchet Throwing
    • Duals Throwing (2 in a team)
    • Big Axe Throwing
    • $50 Discount
    • $100 Discount
  • $26 /Week Standard + Duals

  • $26 /Week Standard + Big Axe

  • $26 /Week Standard + Knives

  • $36 /Week All 3 Axe Leagues

We follow the World Axe Throwing League standards and regulations for our Axe Throwing Leagues. For all rules on Standard, Duals, or Big Axe leagues please see their rules page.

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The World Axe Throwing League in 2020

  • 20+ Countries
  • 270+ Companies
  • 340+ Locations

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Sign-up for fun or learn to be an expert axe thrower with Bad Axe Throwing, the Home of the 2018 World Axe Throwing League Champion as seen on ESPN. No experience necessary - you'll learn, compete and have a chance to be on ESPN.

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Please note, you are registering for the Fall 2021 World Axe Throwing League with Bad Axe Throwing. Leagues will commence on September 14/15th depending on location/availability, at 7:00pm local time. We will confirm with you the exact dates approximately 5 days before kick-off depending on registration numbers for each night. The payment of $67.50 + taxes you're paying is half of the total cost. The other half will be paid on the first day/orientation. Because of high-demand, leagues are on a first-come, first serve basis. We have limited numbers of spots available.

Due to local, state, and federal restrictions regarding Covid-19, some locations may not be eligible to host leagues. Please contact [email protected] to determine which locations are hosting.



If you are competing in a standard league you may add on any additional leagues for each. If you do not wish to sign up for a standard league, Duals or Big Axe leagues will cost per person as a stand alone purchase.




You will not be charged registration fees for Duals or Big Axe when you register online. Payment for Special leagues will be collected on-site during the first night of league. If you have already paid your payment for Standard league and wish to join a Special league, please email [email protected].

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