Bad Axe
Marathon Leagues

Marathon Leagues

Hatchet, Knives, Duals & Big Axe

  • 8 weeks of throwing in one day
  • Double Elimination Tournament
  • 32 Matches
  • Local & Global Leaderboards

Improve your Season's Score for $100

Big Axe & Knife Throwing Subject to Location Availability

Can't commit to a full 8 week league season?

Inexperienced but competitive and want to throw a lot, for less?

Want to get some additional circuit points?

Introducing...Bad Axe
Marathon Leagues!

Marathon leagues are an amazing additional way to accrue additional circuit

points in a season, contributing to bids to major tournaments including the annual

World Championships, and the Pro-Am Tournament, both filmed and broadcasted on ESPN!

Each League Season, concurrent with the first week of league as seen in the 2023 Season Dates below:

January 7, 2024
February 25, 2024
April 7, 2024
May 26, 2024
June 30, 2024
August 18, 2024
September 22, 2024
November 10, 2024

The minimum number of registrations for the marathon league to take place is 8.

Registrations for the following Sunday Marathon close the Wednesday night beforehand. Any registrations for cancelled marathon leagues will be refunded promptly.

$100 person, per Marathon League!

Starting from the first Sunday on or after the Season Start as seen in the chart above…

Sundays, 10am - 3pm

  • Week 1 - (Nothing!)
  • Week 2 - (Nothing!)
  • Week 3 - Big Axe & Duals Marathon
  • Week 4 - Knife Marathon
  • Week 5 - Hatchet Marathon
  • Week 6 - Big Axe & Duals Marathon
  • Week 7 - Knife Marathon
  • Week 8 - Hatchet Marathon

Marathon League Format


8 week seasons in one day

28 matches


Track your improvement with local and global leaderboards


Champion crowned after all regular matches with a double elimination tournament

Make sure to show up to your marathon league early to warm up and take practice throws for up to 30 minutes prior to the start time. Marathon Leagues will start at 10am local time on Sundays at participating locations. Bring some snacks!