A Bad Axe birthday—like a bad ass birthday—is not for the faint of heart. Mixed with the smell of freshly-cut lumber is the sound of steel blades slicing through the air with a sharp thud as they hit a target.


It’s more than a party. It’s one part competition and one part extreme night out where you and your friends are the entertainment. Together, you’ll hurl axes in a chill environment, cheer each other on and focus on one thing: being in the moment.

There’s no better way to celebrate your entry into the world than a thrilling activity like Axe Throwing.

Guest holding an axe and a birthday piñataWhether young or old, fit or not-so-fit, axe throwing is accessible to every skill level. You don’t need to have jacked arms, but you do need to like fun. And no one wants to be an enemy of fun. We also recommend a theme for your birthday, preferably one that asks everyone to wear plaid. From lumberjacks to lumberjills, any great celebration deserves a sound theme. Maybe you’ll make it a camping or timber trade theme, or just-another-crazy-idea-to-party theme. Whatever it is, Bad Axe Throwing can assist you with all the details. Our dedicated team will help you coordinate the event, recommend local bakeries if you’re looking for a custom axe throwing birthday cake and even help you set up the decorations.Edible Axe Throwing Birthday Cake TripAdvisor ranked Bad Axe Throwing #1 in Fun and Games in Toronto. We know not everyone is from Toronto, but you have to admit, that’s a solid record and we intend on getting it for our locations across Canada (and now the U.S.).

We’re so passionate about fun that we had to expand the great sport of axe throwing to multiple cities, giving more people like you the opportunity to turn another bland birthday into an absolute blast. Your group with be taken care of from start to finish and we promise each guest will leave with enough photos to fill up an Instagram feed for a week.Lumberjack Plaid Birthday Cake at Bad Axe Throwing


For your axe throwing party extravaganza, you’ll get a private lane to practice and throw for only you and your guests.

You’ll also have one of our amazingly talented coaches who will host games, a round robin play and a tournament (after everyone is more comfortable throwing) to crown the champion, which we hope will be you—the birthday person!

While you or your party guests may have to step outside your normal comfort zone to wield sharp-edged tools, it’s incredibly safe and in fact, the blades are not sharp to the touch. Our expert coaches will train your group on everything safety while keeping a hawk-eye out for anyone not following the rules. They’ll also provide the guidance you’ll need to perfect your technique so you can develop your supreme throwing skills with the best of the best.

Girls holding axes at Bad Axe Throwing

If you have a few party guests that decide the joy of axe throwing just isn’t for them (although we suggest sharing this post to convince them otherwise), they can still enjoy the venue and watch from the sidelines. We won’t charge them either, because we want your celebration to be about you. You deserve to have all of your favourite people there and we’re just awesome like that. Maybe they’ll be persuaded once they see all the fun everyone is having at chucking those steel blades.

From the moment the axe releases from your hands to the last bullseye hit, we promise a birthday of pure thrills and excitement. It’s our guarantee. As axe throwing experts and enthusiasts, we can confidently say there’s two things we excel at: axes and parties.

Throw your cares to the wind (or a wooden bullseye) and celebrate your birthday with extra edge. If you’re looking to make your birthday party a memorable one, come and pay us a visit. 

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