Are you looking for a different kind of activity that will improve both your physical and mental health and will let you have a ton of fun while doing it? We got you covered. There are different physical activities out there but what makes us different?

So what are the benefits of axe throwing?

Physical Benefits of Axe Throwing

Even light physical activity can have an affect on your physical health and axe throwing provides a fun alternative to a typical work out. If you’re someone who goes to the gym or jogs every day. There will be a time where you will want a break from these routines and try something else.  The sport of axe throwing is a great way to work multiple parts of the body. Throwing an axe will require use of your lats and shoulders to generate your force, alongside your core and legs to maintain balance during your throw.  A fun and unique way to burn a few extra calories and stay in shape.  You’ll surely get your adrenaline pumping, and increase blood flow to both your brain and muscles!

Mental Benefits

Additionally, we will argue to our dying day that axe throwing is a therapeutic activity that helps relieve both stress and anxiety. As a proven mood booster we’ve seen many people who keep coming back for the clarity and relief axe throwing brings them. You know what it makes it even more fun? Someone special or friends of course! Axe throwing is an engaging activity that will keep your group challenged all throughout the session. Encouragement to one another, laughter and satisfaction from getting better will make a 2 hour session fly by.  At the end of the day, our goal is to make your axe throwing event as fun and memorable as possible.

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