We created the ultimate axe throwing party guide to to make sure you have the absolute best experience when visiting Bad Axe Throwing.  If you’ve never thrown an axe or you don’t know what to expect, we created the axe throwing party guide just for you. The guide will help you get the best experience when visiting Bad Axe Throwing with your friends, family or colleagues.

When throwing a party or an event with us, here’s our axe throwing party guide of things you’ll want to consider:

1. How many people are you wanting to invite?  This is important to know because the length of the booking is relative to the number of people that you are planning to invite.  Keep in mind, we have a minimum group size of 8 (Except Surrey, Montreal and Edmonton).  You can learn more by visiting our Axe Throwing FAQs page.

2.  What is that date and time that you want? It’s also important to have an alternate time and date just in case the time you want is already booked.  You should have a back up just in case.

3.  What are the plans before or following your Bad Axe event?  Will you be going out to eat before, after, or will be bringing food to the event?  This will help in selecting the right time especially if it is a large group.

4.  Have you created a Facebook event in order to invite all of your friends in a quick and timely manner?  Facebook has a great and simple guide on how to do this.  Read their Facebook Events tutorial.  It’ll be a great way for everyone to have a forum to talk about the event, send reminders and decide who (if anyone) is bringing the beer!

5.  If it is a surprise birthday party, have you figured out how you’re going to get them to the location without them knowing?  We’ll be more than happy to turn the lights off and make it a big surprise!

6. If you’re bringing food and/or drinks, don’t forget the disposable cutlery, cups & plates.  Unfortunately we don’t stock these items at our locations and you must bring along with you.

It is our aim and goal that everyone who comes to Bad Axe Throwing has the best experience ever! Safety is also very important to us, so we always make sure that all the rules are being followed and everyone is behaving responsibly.  We are experiencing a high volume of bookings, so if you are looking to book an event or party in the near future, call now!  Give us a call if you have any questions or if you’re looking to book: 1-888-435-0001

We have various locations where you can book:

We hope you enjoyed our quick & simple axe throwing party guide!

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