Axes & Ales in Denver: Applying for Our Liquor License!

November 3, 2017 1:27 pm Published by

We recently opened our doors in Denver, teaching people how to throw axes and no we’re taking it one step further: we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve sent in the application for our liquor license!

Axes & ales will now go hand-in-hand at our Denver location. 

We’ve been doing BYOB at a lot of our locations for years now and we hope to soon bring that to Denver! It’s anticipated that we will be serving local, craft beer to our clients. With 16 locations including Atlanta, Chicago, Indianapolis, San Francisco and Oklahoma City, Denver is the first US location which will sell beer.

Axe throwing is a naturally social sport, so having a good local, craft brew with friends while throwing axes makes sense to us!

Ben Miller from The Denver Business Journal had some concerns of his own

“Doesn’t the combination of throwing axes and buying and drinking beer bring some safety considerations to mind?”

Our professionally trained axe throwing coaches provide very thorough and detailed training to all clients. The coaches are also with the clients throughout the entire duration of the event.

Kenzie from Westword Denver inquires about the recent response about Bad Axe Throwing will hopefully be getting our liquor license.

A lot of other, similar recreational sports such as darts or bowling include having a beer while playing – our idea is the same!

Some important things to note about out plans for when we receive the license:

  • We will only be serving beer
  • We’re aiming to only serve craft beer, locally made in Denver to support our community and local businesses (not to mention that there’s amazing local breweries)
  • There will be no hard liquor: we want people to enjoy a beer and throw axes, but not get intoxicated

We’re still considering a number of local craft beer options. One option includes Dale’s Pale Ale from Oskar Blues.

Soon, an event at Bad Axe Throwing will be more than just the thrill of throwing axes, it will be the opportunity to bring together friends, family and colleagues for a unique activity, great tunes, and a delicious local, craft beer!