It all started from Canadians having fun in their yards. But we brought it out of the backyards and into a new urban environment. Now, we’ve brought it to Atlanta! We were stoked to be a part of Atlanta’s entertainment scene before, but with the ecstatic welcome we received from the Atlanta community we are certain we chose the right place for the newest home of axe throwing!

“Bring the thrill of a traditional Canadian backyard past time to the masses”

Apparently taking off your shirt summons the power of the lumberjack gods because that's a MF BULLSEYE!

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We know you’re the kind of people who also want something unique and totally different—a way to let loose and blow off steam from the work week. We can guarantee axe throwing is unlike any activity you’ve done with your friends, family or colleagues. Come out to get a taste of what we’re about, meet our friendly staff, ask us questions and feel the thrill of releasing a steel blade from your hands.

#throwingaxes ⚒and #makingmemories ?

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Trust us when we say you’ll want your first axe throwing experience to be a Bad Axe one. No one outshines us in the industry. We plan on bringing axe throwing to the world and we’re really proud to deliver that to Atlanta, because we know this city is full of amazing people who will enjoy the great sport of axe throwing!

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