We recently opened our doors in Washington DC. Many Washington media outlets were thrilled to share with their audience, that the biggest urban axe throwing club in the world, Bad Axe Throwing is now in Washington DC!

Before our doors even opened in Washington DC, we were getting flooded with online booking requests. Bad Axe Throwing Washington is our 16th location. Here’s a summary from all the media we’ve received in Washington DC to date.

Kidd O’Shea of Good Morning Washington paid us a visit. Looking the part with his lumberjack shirt, he gave the thrilling sport of axe throwing a try! It doesn’t take long before Kidd gets the hang of things and starts hitting bullseyes!

Mindy Hill from The DC Voice gets an inside scoop and chats our founder and owner, Mario Zelaya before we officially open up in Washington.

Move over to the sideline Washington Wizards!  There is a new sport in town, Urban Axe Throwing is coming to Ward 5.

Jeff Calbaugh from WTOP refers to urban axe throwing as bowling 2.0 and shares that Bad Axe Throwing is a founding member of The World Axe Throwing League.

Preview of Bad Axe Throwing Washington


Jack Pointer from WTOP visited us at our newest location and gave axe throwing a try himself. He paid close attention to Operations Manager, Nick Jahr’s instructions and was SO close to getting the bullseye.

Close Bullseye for WTOP

While Americans are content to toss beanbags or roll bocce balls, our north-of-the-border brothers are throwing … axes. – Says Jack Pointer from WTOP.


Fellow Canadian, Cameron Thompson with DCW50 gets a personalized axe throwing lesson from our very own Axe Throwing Chief Nick Jahr. After a few practice throws, Cameron catches on!

Axe Throwing with DCW50


Axe Throwing Chief and Operations Manager, Nick Jahr takes reporter Fritz Hahn and his colleagues from The Washington Post through the step by step instructions of how to throw an axe. Fritz shares that after three or four throws he quickly understood why axe throwing is trending. He says “You’re using your own strength to propel the ax forward, and you feel it in your muscles afterward — even the next day.”

The Washington Post visits Bad Axe Throwing

There’s something immensely satisfying about the thud and thwack a four-pound ax makes when it loops through the air and sticks onto a piece of wood. Especially when it’s a bull’s eye – Fritz Hanh


Laura Kelly from The Washington Times thanks Canada for a number of items including axe throwing!

Canadian Axe Throwing Sport Comes to Washington

From maple syrup to Blackberry cellphones to Michael J. Fox, Canada has bestowed many gifts upon the U.S. Now we can add one more to that list: axe throwing – Laura Kelly


Caroline Cunningham with The Washingtonian shares information about our free open house and recommends trying axe throwing with us!

The Washingtonian covers Bad Axe Throwing Opening


“There’s something pretty satisfying about chucking things against the wall. We have a hunch that’s also the case for throwing axes against the wall—which, in the event of a zombie apocalypse, you could pretty much call a survival skill. While we don’t recommend trying it at home, you can attempt ax throwing at Bad Axe Throwing, a new entertainment center that’s fully dedicated to the not-so-subtle art of—you guessed it—ax throwing” – Caroline Cunningham

 with The Washington Post shares 21 gift ideas your single friends will actually enjoy: A Solo-ish gift guide.

Recently suffered a breakup? Bury the hatchet and give yourself an axe-throwing therapy session. Packages includes a session with an axe-throwing coach and 2 1/2 to three hours of exhilarating fun.

Another gift guide by The Washington Post includes 8 winter date ideas that go beyond dinner and a movie.

Washington Post Winter Date

If you want a date idea that your colleagues will be asking about on Monday morning, spend an evening throwing hatchets at plywood targets at Bad Axe Throwing in Northeast Washington, where the distraction-free surroundings encourage conversation.

We’re thrilled to be featured in each of these reputable media outlets! It’s clear that Washington is excited and eager to learn how to throw axes with us! Book your axe throwing event online at Bad Axe Throwing.

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