We’re no stranger to seeing mind-blowing trick shots and incredible bullseye’s. We’re also used to seeing some of the funniest fails axe throwing has ever seen. In appreciation for all of our wonderful guests that have graced our presence at every Bad Axe Throwing in Canada and the US, here’s a compilation of the best throws, groups photos, and fails for March 2017!

This muscle man’s bullseye is nothing short of awesome. Just watch that victory dance!

This guy made a textbook bullseye shot, which is by no means easy. We absolutely loved seeing the reaction on his face when he stuck the landing right on target! We really hope to see more classic bullseye’s like this one, so tag us in all of your best (and worst) Bad Axe Throwing shots.

Take us back to that time when Peanut Tillman and Spice Adams dropped by Bad Axe Throwing Chicago!

These two were a riot! We’ve found Peanut and Spice’s new calling as professional axe throwers. Seriously. These guys were good! Catch more coverage on their visit on the Chicago Bears site and at our Bad Axe Throwing blog.

This guy sacrificed an iPhone for this shot…

We’re not endorsing the risk of destruction to cellular devices just to get a cool perspective for a video of your badass axe throwing shots. However, we see that the dedication is real with this one and we love it! ?

Great Company + Sharp Steel = How birthdays should be spent.

When you think about birthday parties, what comes to mind? Birthday cakes accompanying dinner with family and friends or intoxicated escapades while bar-hopping? Isn’t it time that you tried something new, something refreshing, something offbeat? That’s exactly what this awesome group had in mind. Just look at the pure bliss on their faces. They must still be feeling that adrenaline high from chucking steel.

Here’s a manlier departure from your standard bachelor party.

Beat the status quo for stags with the axe throwing experience. We guarantee that you’ll have an easier time remembering your night and making memories that will last a lifetime.

She failed at first but never gave up. Third time’s the charm!

Just another day at the office #workhard #playhard #badaxethrowing #axethrowing #watchout

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Here’s a not-so-epic fail because she definitely turned things around! We love it when our guests show determination and fierceness in trying to stick that landing on the wooden boards.

Lastly, this guy found himself at Bad Axe Throwing Mississauga

We’re so happy to reunite this lumberjack with his doppelganger. We’d love to see all you Bad Axe Chief look-a-likes, so tag us in your photos and videos on social media!

And there it is—Bad Axe Throwing’s best of March 2017.

Tag us on Instagram and Facebook to share your awesome throws, goofy group shots, and epic fails. We want to see it all! Now that you’ve seen how much love we get from our incredible patrons, are you looking to try axe throwing? Book here—spots fill quickly!

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