Our coaches at Bad Axe have taught many people how to throw axes. Although earlier this month we had the pleasure of hosting a special guest, Marc Venema from   CTV News Kitchener. Marc paid us a visit at Bad Axe Throwing Kitchener and learned how to throw an axe for the first time!

CTV Kitchener visits Bad Axe Throwing

Our Axe Master at Bad Axe Throwing Kitchener, Matt Belanger shows Marc the ropes.

As this sport has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years, Marc asks Matt:

“Why do people love throwing axes?”

“It’s a lot more different than your typical Monday night bowling league as well as playing darts. It’s an easy way to get friends together, come out for a good time for an hour or so, or get the family together.” – Marc Belanger from Bad Axe Throwing

Like Marc, most of our customers are first time axe throwers. Axe Master, Matt Belanger takes Marc through the steps of learning to throw an axe and perfecting his new skill.

“I have never thrown an axe like this before” – says Marc Venema of CTV News Kitchener

Matt demonstrates to Marc how to throw an axe in just a few easy steps:

  1. Use the larger axe
  2. Toes on the line marked on the floor
  3. Feet shoulder width apart
  4. Arms out straight, locking elbows and wrists
  5. Axe is out in front on a 45 degree angle allowing the tip of the axe to hit the target first
  6. Bring the axe over your head straight back
  7. Bring the axe forward and release

Not long after, Marc channels his inner lumberjack skills and hits a bullseye!

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