What involves sharp projectile objects, thick slabs of wood and barrels of fun? Answer: The Bad Axe Throwing Open House Syracuse!

You’re not going to want to miss our Free Open House Syracuse for all the axe throwing fun!

Clear your social calendars and make way for a night of awesome as we officially open the doors to our brand spankin’ new axe throwing grounds, soon to be the home of your favourite nights out with your best buds.


We’ve been featured on BuzzFeed, CNN, ABC and rated as one of the most fun activities on Trip Advisor in multiple cities. Seriously, you can take our word for it that Bad Axe Throwing provides you with a truly unique and amazing experience that you’ll want to relive again and again.

Our roots are Canadian, which means we’re really nice, friendly folk who happen to be experts in creating pure, unrestricted fun with axes. We have over 9 locations across Canada, but we’re quickly growing in the U.S. too and we’re proud to add Syracuse to our roster which also 20+ other locations in North America. In our opinion, there’s no better way to celebrate our mission to bring the great sport of axe throwing to our greatest neighbor than with a party! Come out, bring your brother, mother, lover, best friend, dentist, and colleagues to an event you won’t want to miss this summer.

At our open house, you’ll learn the proper axe throwing technique from our expert coaches who will guide you every step of the way. Axe throwing is the perfect sport for anyone of any age. There’s no real skill required, just a willingness to try something new.

Our staff are pro party planners and can help you with any coordination or logistics, from setting up and decorating to food and drinks. Because we want everyone to have the best time possible, we also allow you to bring your beer to enjoy between throws! (Like we mentioned, we take partying seriously). Every group session is also hosted by a coach who will lead you and your friends in challenges, games and a round-robin tournament to determine the ultimate axe throwing champion. You and your friends will come away with insta-worthy photos as well as lifelong memories.

Feel free to drop in.
Hours are:

  • 5pm-11pm on Friday, March 22nd
  • 12pm-11pm on Saturday, March 23rd
  • 2pm-9pm on Sunday, March 24th

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Come one, come all!

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