There are a lot of exciting ways to discover the gender of your newborn beyond a trip to the doctor! Let’s check out some of the fun and cool gender reveal party ideas people have created.

A Whole Ferris Wheel

These awesome parents to be got the news in Miami with a little help from the theme park director!

Exploding Confetti Poppers

A fun way to take a plain gender reveal party idea and step it up a notch without a lot of effort!

The Football Lover

What better way to find out the gender of your newborn than punting a fake football into next week! Paint some sugar glass like a football and fill it with some colored powder.

The “Fire” Extinguisher

I don’t know how they got the colors in there but that is definitely one way to extinguish the question.

The Giant Baby Gender Reveal

A box of balloons sometimes isn’t enough. Get a human sized box and hire a giant baby in a blow up costume to become the Kool-aid man and burst out of it!

Paint The Town Blue? Or Pink?

All you need is some friends, a bunch of paint and a couple of hazmat suits for this gender reveal!

The Sweet Tooth

This is the sweetest of the reveal party ideas. Get a custom cake and have the baker dye the cake or frosting on the inside one color!

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The Holiday Reveal

Is it that time of year again already?

A Slam Dunk

Grab some confetti and get ready to ball with this reveal!

Scratch And Win!

You can’t really be a loser during your gender reveal but these scratch cards are a fun way to find out boy or girl!

Not Pulling Any Punches

For everyone into combat sports you can buy some specially made boxing target mitts!

An Experiment of a Gender Reveal

Did you ever make a baking soda and vinegar volcano in science class? This couple must really love geology!

An Axeciting Gender Reveal

Balloons are boring! Unless you throw an axe at them! Make your gender reveal party ideas really Bad Axe!

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