It is a fated curse that some D-list celebrities won’t exist too far outside of meandering reality television, but that doesn’t mean they can’t throw an axe! Bad Axe Atlanta was recently graced with a visit from child-pageant-star-turned-axe-thrower Alana Thompson (more colloquially known by her saccharinely sassy reality persona, Honey Boo Boo). On a family outing to relieve the stress of dealing with an upcoming wedding–and probably each other–Alana and her family try their skills at axe chucking.


Beauty queen, Honey Boo Boo, traded her tiara for some axes!

Momma June would be proud of her daughter because after a few practice throws she started nailing the shots with ease! Alana’s chaperones were wary of making her mad, especially after the jump cut edits of her sticking multiple bullseyes in a row. The whole crew was really fun to work with and we appreciate them being good sports; the show may be scripted but the fun was real!

If Honey Boo Boo wanted to bring her friends back for more fun, we’d encourage them to make a booking! When you book with Bad Axe you received 2 ½ hours of throwing time plus their own dedicated axe coach (with enough patience to handle a former child pageant member). You’re welcome to bring your own food and beverages. Honey Boo Boo had a small crew with her and hopefully the cameramen got some throws in, but remember that it is a minimum of 6 people to make a booking with your own dedicated lane. Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for all the latest news and events that Bad Axe is putting on and make yourself by participating in our World Axe Throwing League (at all participating Bad Axe venues). So grab several friends, your tiara, and some pints of ice cream to make a new guilty pleasure for yourself. Except in this reality scene, you’re the star!

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