Bad Axe Throwing is proud to share that we are offering the opportunity to host your special event off site! We bring the thrill of axe throwing to the customer with mobile axe throwing. We’ve received any requests for offsite events such as weddings, festivals, and company events. 

We’ll come to your location with our Mobile Axe Throwing Events

We supply stand-alone targets, protective fencing, all materials and professionally trained axe throwing coaches. The event can be relatively customized to fit the needs of almost any customer! A special events Manager guides the customer through the process, every step of the way.

Hire us to build your rolling targets for delivery and set up.

mobile axe throwing

The only work you have to do is figuring out how you’re gonna keep people from skipping in line to throw! No tools are necessary either because we’re gonna send our own Bad Axe coaches to help with the entire process. Still not convinced? Let us help you paint a picture.

The wedding was going great until Uncle Bob (every family has one) had one too many trips to the open bar and fumbled through the DJ’s cables, stalling the reception. But you were so smart that you had a Mobile Axe Throwing Target set up and now all your guests can rock out with axe throwing rather than dancing the same old Electric Slide blasting over a tiny bluetooth speaker!

That promotion is within your grasp but your boss needs some evidence of team building to show that you can lead your fellow co-workers across any treacherous meeting he throws at you. Why not shock and awe with an axe throwing lane wheeled up at a corporate event on your business grounds! We bring the fun to you and you may be able to take advantage of our corporate rates (minimum participation required).

Saving money and building competition are great skills to have Mr./Mrs. Manager!

Get AMPED UP for this exciting service Bad Axe is offering, because there is never a wrong time to go mobile. In the meantime, contact us for a booking at a Bad Axe Location nearest you!

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