Howdy! Post Dallas open house we wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out! We’re stoked to be in Dallas and we couldn’t have received a warmer welcome! We greatly appreciate all the fine folks and media outlets that came out to help us celebrate in style and break in our lanes for us.

Large numbers showed up to throw for the event and we even got awesome press coverage from the great news outlets of Dallas. The Culture Map of Dallas quoted our esteemed president, Mario, saying that

“axe throwing is a really traditional hobby that we’ve turned into a unique experience.”


It’s crazy to think those Canucks’ backyard activities made it all the way down to the city of Dallas where the folks were hungry for some new activity destinations. Speaking of hungry, the Dallas Eater spoke up about the free axe throwing lessons earlier this month as well as the locations partnership with local brewery Deep Ellum Brewing (anyone feeling a mite parched?).

Paper City Magazine wrote a wonderful piece illuminating the background of our company as well as outlining the open house Dallas had; thanks y’all! And if all *that* wasn’t enough, check out Indy’s native son, former coach turned operations-manager-extraordinaire, Anthony McGavick’s Dallas news coverage! When asked about the nature of the game, Anthony said:

“It’s the most fun you’re going to be able to have with sharp objects in a safe environment. I have personally taught a 7-year-old-girl how to throw, and before she left she nailed a bullseye.”

The overall response from the people of Dallas was thrill and excitement as they learned to throw axes for the first time. People came out to visit us in small groups and large groups, some even hosted a tournament to crown the ultimate axe throwing champion!

The gang is all here and someone walked away with a Bad Axe Medallion (available for purchase on our website)

As you can see by all the smiles, there is no reason why you shouldn’t make a booking with Bad Axe Throwing today! You can do so on our website, and remember to bring at least 6 people for a reservation for the hottest activity trend sweeping the nation!

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