Come one, come all, to the single greatest axe-throwing holiday in recorded history! Tomorrow, from 5-9pm all-that’s right-*all* of our Bad Axe Throwing locations will be participating in the 2018 International Axe Throwing Day on June 13th. This is our once-a-year FREE axe throwing event, so don’t miss out! This international “holiday” encourages people to bring their family and friends to try out axe throwing for FREE.

2018 International Axe Throwing Day will be celebrated at ALL Bad Axe locations

Red and black plaid shirt? $40
Bad Axe hat? $20
Showing off your trickshots to your friends and coworkers? Priceless (pun intended)
This is a great opportunity to let everyone experience the adrenaline rush of chucking axes for themselves. If you’ve been stressing out lately, put your phone on silent, close your Candy Crush app (people still play that, right?), and come celebrate a social, fun, and active night with Bad Axe Throwing. Don’t take our word for it, read what others have to say about axe throwing on our highly rated Google, Yelp, and Tripadvisor.

Follow our updated global list on our Facebook event page here.
If you don’t want to be by your lonesome at the nearest Bad Axe location, spread the word! Send them to our Facebook page and RSVP so as to not miss out on this FREE once-a-year event. Did we mention there is no cost? We supply the axes, the coaches, and the wood, you just supply the screaming and cheering and axe-chucking, deal?
If you want to know more about our history and International Axe Throwing Day’s humble beginnings, check out our story on our World Axe Throwing League website!

International Axe Throwing Day is also recognized by Days of the Year and Holidays Calendar!

Join a league or book an event at your local axe throwing club today and you’ll know why people are hooked on chucking steel!

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