Top 5 Bachelor and Bachelorette ideas in Atlanta

June 14, 2018 3:10 pm Published by

It’s wedding season again and you know what that means. Time to work up enough saliva to mail all those envelopes to the third cousins whom you won’t let DJ your reception. It’s also time to start (if you haven’t already) getting ideas to your best men and women for a great night out with wedding party members! So what if you’re based in Atlanta when it’s HOT outside? We’ve got you covered with the top 5 bachelor/bachelorette party ideas to celebrate your friend/brother/sister’s last night of pre-marital freedom.

Top 5 Bachelor and Bachelorette party ideas in Atlanta

  1. A Touch of Class in Hotlanta

Guys – Gentlemen clubs exist. We know this. Have your fun and bring some singles if that’s your thing. But whatever happened to the refinement gentlemen were known for? That’s where Highland Cigar Company comes in.

This cigar lounge and cocktail bar offers top shelf drinks and well rolled cigars for a bit of elegance to start or cap a guy’s night.

Gals – Your with your girls. Be bad and pamper yourself before a night on the town! Drop by the luxe spa at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, home to the largest spa in Atlanta, complete with steam, sauna, and an outdoor terrace perfect for sipping champagne between treatments.

  1. Braving the Southern Heat

Gals – So you ladies aren’t afraid to do more than glisten, huh? Well, a fitness adventure may suit your needs and make for some great bonding experiences. The Loews Hotel in the heart of Midtown Atlanta lets you get your sweat on with one of six jam-packed workout sessions (from barre to Pilates, yoga, and cycling) at the hotel’s exhale spa, named the Best Fitness Hotspot by Women’s Health. Unwind on the hotel balconies afterwards for a great view.

Guys – Time to sweat out that fine grain spirits boy-os. Visit any one of Georgia’s fine state parks near your location or just a bit beyond to make a day of it. There are plenty of areas to relax and set up hammocks or lunch areas. You can also hike, swim, and even camp with rented equipment from a huge REI store in Atlanta!


  1. High Octane Thrills and Shooting the Breeze

Guys – Stop spending your money on Fortnite skins and bottomless pitchers (at least for a while) and save up for some track time at Atlanta Motorsports Park. Go-karts, stunt-driving courses, driving exotic rental cars like you stole them; there’s a gearhead in all of us waiting to put the pedal to the metal!

Gals – Roll up like a bunch of bad-ass Annie Oakleys to Atlanta’s premiere gun club, The Norcross Shooting Range. Taking potshots at targets never felt so good as you and the crew can take advantage of their private events to get some tips and unload all the negativity from your future hubby or wifey spending so much time on the damn Fork-knife game.


  1. Southern Cuisine Can’t Be Beat

Guys *and* Gals –

You gotta eat, right? Well, Georgia is definitely in the bosom of the south; perfect for indulging in all the greatest eats below the Mason-Dixon. Go semi-old-school in the contemporary South City Kitchen in midtown. Or, go a little more upscale with upbeat attitudes at The Optimist, a delicious raw bar. If you’re feeling really down home though, you probably can’t beat Mary Mac’s Tea Room, servicing traditional southern fare since 1945.

  1. An Axe to Grind

You saw this one coming, but there’s no way you can skip out on this activity! Make a booking today on our website or call and chat with us online! A booking is definitely bachelor and bachelorette party-sized (6 or more people) and you’ll get your own line to celebrate in, plus 2 ½ hours of throwing time, and your own personal axe coach. What a deal! Our highly rated axe coaches are there to make your special day even more so with games, trick shots, and a can-do spirit.

It doesn’t matter whether you dying from the heat or that killer hangover; once you get your first bullseye, it gets so much better!