Whether it’s a birthday party, bachelor party, corporate event or any other special occasion, axe throwing has become a premier destination for social events. But how safe is it? This article details everything you may be wondering about axe throwing safety.


Axe and Target Materials

Are the materials up to standard?
Bad Axe Throwing ensures all the materials for axe throwing events is up to standard and in proper condition. Our equipment is purpose built, clean and meticulously maintained. Prior to each event, our axe throwing coaches go through and complete a checklist of items including checking and changing the target boards and preparing the axes making them sharp enough to stick to the targets but not sharp enough to harm yourself to the touch. 

Throwing Distance

Axe throwing safety

Where do we stand?
It’s standard to throw about 12 feet from the target. An X on the ground or a yellow line, as shown above marks where participants should stand to throw. Each axe throwing lane has two of these markers, each facing their own target. This allows for two players to throw simultaneously side-by-side. Each marker is approximately 6 feet apart, allowing for a clearance of 6 feet around each player. An axe throwing party will have more than just two players participating. All participants who are not presently throwing must stand behind the designated areas marked at least 6 feet from the throwing markers.  This ensures that if there’s any bounce backs from the axes, no one will get hit from the ricochet.

Most of our location’s are equipped with cages in between each axe throwing lane.  This not only protects people, but also allows our visitors to experience the thrill of axe throwing while on the side lines! Some of our locations even have a spectator area, designed for guests who aren’t throwing. 

Axe Holster

Axes being stored in box for safety

Where are the axes?
Between the markers for each thrower is the axe holster which is used to store the axes. Players grab their axes from the axe holster before their throw, retrieve the axe from the target when it’s safe, then return the axes to the holster when they’re finished.

Unlike the above picture, axes are placed in the holster with the blade facing down, making it easy and safe for the axe thrower to pick up the axe. We do not allow participants to pass the axe from one participant to another. We also do not place axes in open areas or in a manner where someone can pick them up by the blade or be hurt in the process. All axe throwing events take place under the direct supervision of our professionally trained axe throwing coaches. Bad Axe Throwing is 100% accident free because of our safety measures and attention to detail.

When To Throw

Coach Kiri demonstrating axe throwing

When can I throw my axe?
To ensure that both players throw at the same time your coach will count down from three. The countdown also signals the position you should be in for each number called out. See the full guide on How to Throw an Axe. Once you get accustomed to the countdown you can do it yourself with the other player next to you for each throw. The countdown ensures that nobody accidentally steps forward to retrieve their axe before the other player has thrown.

Retrieving The Axe

Axe thrower retrieving the axe

When is it safe to retrieve axes?
Two players must throw their axes simultaneously.  It is imperative that each player has completed their throw before either player steps forward to retrieve their axe from the target area. Our coaches make this rule very explicit during their axe throwing safety orientation at the beginning of every event. The coaches also enforce this rule – as all others – throughout the entire duration of your event.  They will warn you to wait if you’re approaching the axe throwing target and the other person has not thrown.  They’re present throughout the full duration of your event to prevent any accidents from happening.


Safe Axe Throwing Technique
Has anyone ever been hurt?
There has never been any case of injury at any of our locations. Our coaches are experts at enforcing axe throwing safety; primarily because they know a lot about axe throwing and teach you the right way to do it, and also because we hire mature, safety conscious coaches to keep axe throwing safety a priority.

Let us show you how safe axe throwing is by book your special occasion with us today!

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