If you’re thinking about booking an axe throwing party to celebrate a birthday, bachelor party, corporate event, or just a few hours with your friends you’ll want to brush up on your axe throwing terminology. Bad Axe Throwing hosts many amateur events so it’s not crucial to know all the axe throwing terms before the event. However, it will get you brownie points from your coach and unsuspecting onlookers.

Axe Throwing Terminology

Axe Throwing Lingo

Axe Throwing Terms: An evolving set of terminology and phrasing used in the axe throwing culture, most commonly heard at events hosted by Bad Axe Throwing across locations in Canada and the U.S.

Sticking An Axe

Axe sticking to the target

Sticking an Axe: Successfully embedding an axe in the target from a throw.


  • Throwing an axe that sticks momentarily then falls is not sticking an axe.
  • Throwing an axe that appears to stick but is supported by means other than its blade in the target is not sticking an axe.


Through the cage action shot

Rotation:  A spinning motion the axe moves in before landing on the target. However, unlike bowling where the ball can roll any number of times to achieve a strike, an axe must make a full rotation to stick.

  • An over-rotation means the axe has rotated too much, and an under-rotation means the axes hasn’t rotated enough to stick. The standardized throwing distance can be altered to accommodate this.


Axe throwing target with a bullseye throw

Bullseye: The sought after red circle in the middle of the target. It is typically worth the highest points in a standard game, at 6 points. Sticking a bullseye is commonly followed with exclamations like “boom” or “nailed it”.

Blue Balls 

Blue Balls and Bullseye

Blue Balls: The two blue circles at the top of the point rings are worth 10 points each. They become active in moments of sudden death. When throwing double axes it is possible to stick both axes in each of the blue balls. This will result in a blue ball bust that can cause the immediate end of the game if not duplicated by the opponent in a set amount of tries.

Badaxe: Adjective given to an activity associated with axe throwing to denote cool factor. “That throw was so badaxe!” This is one of those axe throwing terms reserved for Bad Axe Throwing and is not to be used at the dinner table.

Axe Throwing Culture

Axe throwers gathering together

The culture at Bad Axe Throwing is inclusive and social. Axe throwing games include team participation as well as individual play. It’s a naturally social sport. Axe throwing leagues are a unique and fun way to meet new people, socialize and get involved with other members of the community.

To immerse yourself in more axe throwing culture book an event at one of Bad Axe Throwing’s locations, and try on some of your own axe throwing terms.

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