Take to the Edge: Axe Throwing Tricks

March 26, 2017 9:11 am Published by

As if chucking steel blades at a wooden target wasn’t cool and dangerous enough, we decided to take it to the next level by throwing axes in more extreme, challenging ways. At Bad Axe Throwing, we’re always looking to push the edge and our coaches are the types who love finding new and crazy techniques. It’s only a testament to how much we love the sport and want to share that passion with our amazing customers. You may not not find yourself doing headstands while throwing anytime soon, but we’ll help you gain the confidence and control in your throwing technique to try something new.

Of course we need to caveat that all tricks are performed in a safe, controlled environment and we highly discourage anyone from attempting them at home. But, if you ask anyone of our coaches, they’ll gladly show you a thing or two when you’re at any of our venues. In fact, during most group sessions, some may teach you a more accessible trick like throwing an axe from each hand at the same time, also known as the ‘Double Throw.’

We know there’s always a few passionate throwers who want to take their game further and we enjoy helping you get there.

Coach Alex Burke from Bad Axe Throwing in Burlington says he enjoys seeing people eager to take their shots up a notch.

“All you need is the will to do it,” says Burke. “Anyone that comes in—even if it’s their first time—can end up doing a few trick shots by the end of the session. You just need that desire.”

Since joining the Bad Axe Throwing Team two years ago, he’s been practicing and performing tricks with other coaches, like throwing underhand and upside down. It took him a good six months of learning how to control his throws before he started playing around with new ideas.

“I like figuring out how many rotations an axe will have to go with certain tricks and challenging myself,” says Burke. “I also enjoy challenging others and seeing if anyone can match or top tricks.”

Each Bad Axe Throwing location has team-building activities and events to keep coaches on top of their game. Coaches will challenge each other and learn new throws to impress or share with customers. Check out the videos our coaches made below, including Burke!

The Bad Axe Throwing Team is known for tricks like cartwheel throws:

And staggered throws:

Backward underhand throws:

And consecutive bulls-eyes:

When you book a birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party, corporate or group event at Bad Axe Throwing, you’ll likely see a few of these tricks in action. Many of our coaches like to run friendly competitions and games during sessions. You may find yourself doing a yoga pose before you try throwing or pulling a ‘Captain Morgan’ with one foot on a stool as you throw. There’s also the classic ‘I’m a little teapot’ throw where you perform the nursery rhyme before throwing an axe with your ‘stout’ hand.

“The most popular is definitely the ‘Double Throw’ because people always get really excited to try it,” says Burke. “It’s actually one of the most difficult throws and many don’t realize just how heavy it feels to have an axe in each hand. Then you have to coordinate both hands throwing at the same time and it gets really tricky.”

Woman Doing Double Axe Throw Trick

Here’s how to perform the ‘Double Throw’:

1 – First, choose a grip: either hold one axe in each hand OR hold the both axes together in one hand, positioning them one atop the other like they’re one axe. The first option is obviously harder since you’ll have to time the movements of both your arms, making it harder to aim and accurately hit a bullseye.

2 – Next, choose how you’ll throw: maybe you’ll cross the axes through the air or straight on.

3 – Then, take your stance and throw. You may hit the target with only one axe, but even accomplishing that is challenging!

Amp up your axe throwing skills at one of our locations across Canada and the U.S. There are multiple ways you can take your experience to a whole new level. We’d love to show you a trick or two!