Bad Axe Medallion

March 7, 2018 4:21 pm Published by

Bad Axe Throwing is proud to showcase its newest piece of axe-throwing merchandise, the Bad Axe Medallion. These trophies are available for purchase at Bad Axe Throwing locations across North America and make a great gift! Each medallion features “Tournament Champion” in capital letters above our bearded mascot with a 12” (approx.) red, white, and blue strap. Unlike other medallions that are chintzy and plastic, this weighty memento is a solid reminder of the steel you threw.

Bragging rights you can touch and dangle in someone’s face

Don’t believe us? Ask one of our coaches about the joy he gets from draping the medallion over a winner’s neck:

“It’s a great feeling when everyone is all smiles and the top thrower/overall winner gets their moment in the sun. The teams embrace and high five each other and the majority of the group mills about, enjoying a hard-fought victory. But perhaps even more special is the lone sulking participant in the back. Sure, they may have brought the team the distance, but they didn’t win. They’re still hungry for competition and want another go. They let the quiet rage of competition fuel their drive and vow that the winners will rue the day they ever attempted a 10-point kill shot to win the final game…but most of the time they’re chill too.”
-Cooper P. Axe Coach of Indianapolis

Just be careful if you’re posing like an Olympian when you receive your reward and bite down with care!

Whether it’s the spoils of a competitive throw-off, or a bit of cubicle swag to outshine your neighbor’s PEZ dispenser collection, visit our online shop or ask your local axe coach about purchasing a Bad Axe medallion today!

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