Whoever said the city of Atlanta was just one big airport certainly never stepped into Bad Axe Throwing to chuck some steel! And they most certainly didn’t hear that this Bad Axe location is #1 Top Atlanta Activity on Trip Advisor’s Fun and Games activity list.

Axe Throwing is easily a top Atlanta activity!

Our Bad Axe news readers are savvy folks, we understand. You’ve been burned by misleading Yelp restaurant reviews and you’re still a bit apprehensive about the 5 star TripAdvisor review from a guy who *works* there; fair enough. Read about a more local perspective from the folks at Atlanta INTown magazine who stopped by to write an article on us!


They talk about one of our world-class axe coaches who lead people through proper throwing techniques, games, and general chaotic hype to get you and your group’s blood pumping.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution also had some choice words to say about their experience and what an eye-opening experience it was to be introduced into the flannel-adorned world of urban axe throwing!

By now you’ll realize what an exciting opportunity this is for you and your friends to join in the fun at Bad Axe Throwing Atlanta. Those pesky birthdays that come around once a year seem to bring nothing but late Facebook well-wishers and coupons from Grandma (we’re kidding, Grams-you know we love Bed Bath & Beyond candles). Why not buck the dive bar trend this year with a booking at Bad Axe?

If you’re lucky enough to be the birthday guy or gal this year, you get to throw for free at your session!

Making a group booking for your birthday means you get your own dedicated axe coach– perhaps the fabulous Evan or Christian mentioned in the reviews you read online — your own dedicated lane for axe throwing — you can have your cake and eat it too without sharing the target– and a 2 ½ hour axe-throwing bonanza. Your excitement has reached a fevered pitch by now, so let’s review.

  • Bad Axe Throwing Atlanta is rated the top activity for special occasions, birthdays, and all around fun according to 82+ reviews on TripAdvisor
  • Your booking includes an axe coach, a dedicated lane, teaching instructions, and games to play
  • You get to throw for free on your birthday (valid photo I.D. required)
  • Bring your own food and beverages for the energy to nail one more bullseye

So book now to reserve your spot for the next time you want something a little more exciting than another round of margaritas for your birthday or weekend night out! It’s where adults have fun!

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