It’s that time of year with summer weddings approaching and the bachelorette/bachelor party planning can begin! It can be challenging to find bachelorette & bachelor party ideas, or the ideal venue that will engage the entire group while living up to the expectations of the bride/groom.

We’ve come up with the top 5 bachelorette and bachelor party ideas in Chicago!

#5 Sights and Sounds

Guys-For the low admission of $25, you can scale the tallest building in the Western hemisphere and gaze down at the Windy City and four surrounding states below from 1,353 feet. “The Ledge,” a glass-enclosed balcony that extends from the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower, offers a breathtaking (and nerve-racking) view below. The 99th floor is available for bachelor parties should you decide to make this your grand finale destination. Food and beverage packages are also available for groups making reservations in advance. The only place you’re encouraged to look down…

Gals- Skip the smelly double-decker bus in favor of viewing the Chicago skyline in style. The Chicago Helicopter Experience offers aerial, narrated tours of the historic parts of the city, including Chicago’s skyline. Additionally, the Chicago Helicopter Experience zooms along the Loop to provide passengers with unique perspectives of many of the city’s modern landmarks. Prices start at just $99 per adult.

#4 Rest and Relaxation

Guys- A daytime pleasure cruise can be just the recharge the group needs to rally and continue with the party. With boats that can accommodate up to 90 people, Island Party Boat is well equipped to provide you and your bachelor party guests with exciting daytime cruises along the Chicago River and the Lake Front, offering an up-close view of landmarks while catching some rays and enjoying the waves. If the fun just can’t be stopped, each boat comes complete with a waterslide and features bar service in the main cabin. If you want an inexpensive way to spend the day (and get a little soused in the sun) you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option.  

Gals-Everyone loves a spa day, but Chicago’s Polish and Pour offers a spa day with a twist.  This mani-pedi spa features a full-bar, so you can get your drink on while getting your nails done.  They also offer party spaces and open-bar options, and corkage fees for those who want to BYOB, which greatly ease those maid of honor hostessing duties.

#3 A Taste of Adventure

Guys- With notorious names such as Al Capone and John Dillinger on their tour list of “criminals, mobsters and gangsters,” the Chicago Crime Tours provides narrated tours of the crime scenes at the Holy Name Cathedral and Biograph Theatre. You can eat and learn on this tour as the daytime “crime and pizza walk”lets you hear the gruesome past of organized crime while stuffing your face with slices from Pizzeria Uno and Giordano’s famous pizzerias. A 2-1/2-hour nighttime bus tour of crime scenes is $45 and the 2-hour daytime ‘za walk is just $50.

Gals- Do you consider yourselves outdoor enthusiasts?  If so, then a quick trip to Darien, Illinois, where you can hike around Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve might be your most awesome daytime activity.  

#2 Burning the Midnight Oil

Guys- The Underground Wonder Bar has two cocktail bars and three stages for live entertainment including funk, rock, reggae and red-hot jazz, nightly. You and your friends can party hearty until the wee hours of the morning (they’re open until 4 a.m.) and it’s within walking distance of many downtown hotels.

Gals-Upstairs at the Gwen is an outdoor rooftop bar, which, surprisingly, offers some of the city’s coolest winter activities, like an outdoor curling rink.  Located on top of the Gwen hotel, this bar attracts people with its fun activities, but they stay because it offers some of the city’s most adventurous adult beverage concoctions.

#1 We had to say it…Axe Throwing!

Chicagoans know that a critical part of throwing a great stag or doe party is keeping the energy high and not fading too fast to blackout. What good is a night to remember if you can’t remember it? Bachelor and bachelorette parties are supposed to be the last bastion of freedom for a night before tying the knot so you could go camping, have a fancy dinner with friends, or engage in a lively game of charades. OR YOU COULD GO THROW SOME AXES! Seriously, ditch the trip to the gentlemen’s club (Diamond and Sapphire won’t call you back guys) and toss away the lewd headbands and drinking straws (you know *exactly* what I’m talking about ladies). Trade up for some beer and flannel with an axe-throwing get-together to bid your dear friend fare thee well with their foray into matrimony!

Bad Axe Throwing Chicago is a rated a top place for bachelor/bachelorette parties for several reasons: you’ll have your own personal axe throwing coach to welcome you and teach you the techniques to help you nail bullseyes and trickshots galore, as well as your own dedicated lane offers a way to privatize your party.

Food and drink is another critical component of a good time and we encourage both at Bad Axe! Bring your own or have it delivered to prepare for a great night of fun and competition. Decorations also make for a festive outing so if you have any streamers or banners to hang to encourage–or embarrass–your groom or bride-to-be, arrive early to set them up! 

Weddings are stressful enough, so take a break from the final planning stages and make a booking with Bad Axe today! We are ready to take on your crew for a wild night of fun and camaraderie!

Happy bachelorette/bachelor planning!

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