How many ways an axe could actually be thrown at a target and still stick?  Bad Axe Throwing teaches people how to throw axes. Our talented coaches love trying out new axe throwing trick shots. We have one coach in particular who’s taken to perfecting those shots.

Coach Josh at our Kitchener location is what some might call the pro at the axe hand flips and single hand juggling.

Check out his trilogy of the juggle.

Josh clearly know how to handle an axe, but how about letting the floor handle it for him?

The Cool hand action isn’t the only trilogy of throw Coach Josh has got up his sleeve. Check out these spread shots.


First, the double killshot!

But hey, that throw didn’t have those axes not too far away from each other you might say. Well how about two axes, two targets, two bullseyes?!

Is that still not far enough you say? Well don’t worry, Coach Josh can up the ante a bit with almost two killshots across 4 targets!

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Lots of neat one handed throws, but how about a nice two handed golf swing?

We’ve seen some good progression of shots getting farther away, but how about we see how it goes close up? Here’s the 1-inch throw.

Just because he can nail a shot from up close doesn’t mean he can’t hit that shot from far away either!

With such an awesome array of throws, what else could he do? Well I’ll tell you what, you should definitely be careful who you show off to.

Hope you enjoyed this showcase of neat trick shots across the board. How many tricks can you do?

If you’d like to practice some cool tricks or just wanting to have some fun, all you have to do is book your event at a Bad Axe near you.

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