If you’re located in Minneapolis, chances are you’re part of a business. As important as working a well-oiled operation is, office life can be tough. The monkey suit, the hours (who wants to wake up at 8:00am?!), fridge thieving from Greg; the cubicle madness slowly builds. That’s why Bad Axe Throwing Minneapolis is the perfect place for your next corporate event to reinvigorate the workplace team (and show Greg you’re pretty handy with an axe to dissuade any further sandwich swiping).

Professionally trained axe throwing coaches will teach you and your colleagues how to throw axes in a fun, team environment.

Corporate Event


The great advantage about booking a corporate event with us is our special group-rate pricing for bookings of 35 people or more; you could save a total of $175 or more!

FOX9 of Minneapolis-St. Paul was certainly enthusiastic in their recent coverage of us! They appeal to the inner indomitable viking spirit in all of us, as they mention the 20 targets available to host large groups and walk-in sessions to hone your bladed skills.

Don’t keep the masses hungry! If you plan on scheduling a corporate event with us, we encourage groups to bring their own food and drink.

Twin Cities Eater was mega-enthused to reveal in their recent article that Bad Axe Minneapolis will soon be able to provide beer on location. We’ll provide the tables for the spread and the axes for the throwing. As far as attire, consider ditching the oxfords and high heels and bring some comfortable footwear to change into! Our highly-praised axe coaches are always bouncing around and keeping the energy high, so be sure to move and groove with them and keep the sawdust out of your fancy kicks. Anyone taking pictures and videos to show at the Christmas party down the road is encouraged to do so, we love social media sharing on Facebook and Instagram.

Learning to throw axes at the corporate event

We’ll help you break down the highlights for the most fun spreadsheet you’ll ever make:

  • Save money and have fun doing it with our group rate bookings
  • Wear close-toed shoes and loosen the tie
  • Bring your own food and drinks to party with (Greg can just bring his own egg-salad if he wants)
  • Play games in your own dedicated lane(s) and with your own axe coach

Book your corporate event in our Minneapolis venue and make your next team event or special occasion unforgettable!

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