Two weeks ago, our Ottawa location had the pleasure of hosting our friends over at CBC Radio-Canada! Coach Skylar takes Daniel Bouchard back in time and shows him how to throw an axe, Daniel Boone Style!

CBC Radio Canada goes Axe Throwing

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Daniel from CBC shares a childhood memory of watching the Daniel Boone show where Daniel Boone is seen throwing an axe and splitting a tree in two. He recalls thinking, maybe one day he will try throwing an axe. Daniel Bouchard asks

“where does this idea of throwing axes come from?”

Coach Skylar shares that throwing axes became a popular game for the lumberjacks in Ottawa. It was a traditional past time that is now gaining popularity all over the world!

Next, Coach Skylar provides Daniel with a brief lesson on how to throw the axes. Daniel takes a few throws and is quick to blame the axe as the problem. Although he quickly makes up for it, as he ‘sticks’ his final throw with the large axe!

Testé au TJ – Le lancer de la hache

Dans la foulée des activités entourant la #CoupeGrey2017, Daniel Boone Bouchard a relevé le défi du lancer de la hache.

Posted by ICI Ottawa Gatineau on Friday, November 24, 2017

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