One of the coolest parts about Bad Axe Throwing is participating in our axe throwing leagues for some friendly competition. Getting to meet new people and throw axes for weeks is pretty awesome and we got plenty of it this fall with the World Championship for the World Axe Throwing League. What is only slight cooler than our league though is our League Appreciation Nights!

What goes on at League Appreciation Nights? Well axe throwing of course! We have our current league members invite their friends and family for a bit of axe throwing as well as some food and drink either at our Bad Axe Location or a local eatery. That way we get all the best parts of axe throwing, food and friends! For our League Members, the appreciation nights are going to be at these dates and locations.

Dec 4th

Indianapolis • Atlanta

6:30 pm – 9:30 pm


7 pm – 10 pm

Dec 5th

Ottawa • Kitchener • Burlington • Oklahoma

Toronto • Winnipeg • Denver • Mississauga

6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Dec 9th


8 pm – 11 pm

Packed house. #denver #badaxethrowing #axethrowing

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One thing that will be particularly interesting this League Appreciation night is that it will also be the time we will be doing The World Championship competition! The top two competitors from each location this season will be the ones to compete for the World Championship title!

Then, the World Axe Throwing League will be livestreaming all of the the championship videos back to back on December 13th via the WATL facebook. So make sure to like and follow it to see the championship and root for your local Bad Axe Throwing location! You never know, the Axe Throwing World Champion may come from your city! And they’ll be competing against players from all over the world!
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