Josh is a Kitchener Axe Throwing Coach and September’s award winner! He has continued to show what it takes to be an outstanding member of the Bad Axe Throwing team in Kitchener. Coach Josh would eat and breath axes if he could. The effort he constantly puts forth for the company, clients and fellow coaches show in every interaction, late night and axe throwing.

Kitchener Axe Throwing Coach

Josh Woodcock is our October award winner

How long have you been axe throwing?

Just over a year
What’s your favorite thing about Axe Throwing?
When I get to teach someone passionate about learning the sport! I love passion.
What do you tell people who have never thrown an axe before?
It’s like darts but bigger, cooler, and the board doesn’t just end up with a few dents in it when you’re done! SO TRY IT!
 If you could throw axes with any one person in history who would it be and why?
Chris Hemsworth. I may be a good axe throwing coach here on earth but he’s got the rest of the galaxy covered.

What do you do when you’re not axe throwing?

School or my Manager duties! I’m a full-time student at the same time so I keep myself quite busy. But can you really call being an axe throwing coach work? Come on now.
What’s a cool fact about you?
I have intense facinations for things until I learn them well enough to be good at it then I move on! It’s how I built my computer, learned to snowboard, and am now learning economics!
Do you have any hidden talents?

Public speaking? Not super hidden

If you were marooned on a desert island what 3 items would you bring?

I have to answer this practically – a boat, a gps, meal replacement.

Is there anyone you’d like to make a shout out to?

Former Bad Axe Throwing Coach Paul for teaching me the ways!

A resident of the Kitchener area, Josh Woodcock has helped make Bad Axe Throwing the #1 ranked fun & games activity according to TripAdvisor. Get to know more of our expert axe throwing coaches as we feature them each month.

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