Brad is a DC Axe Coach and August’s award winner! He has continued to show what it takes to be an outstanding member of the Bad Axe Throwing team in Dallas.  Even before opening, Brad has been the man, the myth, the legend of DC Bad Axe. With the noblest sense of responsibility, and a plethora of solid reviews under his belt already, Brad was a no-brainer for this month.

Washington DC Axe Coach

Brad Purrone aka “The Viking” 

is our October award winner

How long have you been axe throwing?

3 years

What’s your favorite thing about Axe Throwing?
Watching the axe in flight.
What’s the best axe throwing song in your opinion?
Hustler, by Zayde Wolf
What do you tell people who have never thrown an axe before?
Keep it straight and centred.
If you could throw axes with any one person in history who would it be and why?
Erik the Red….check my nickname.

What do you do when you’re not axe throwing?

Resting or gaming
What’s a cool fact about you?
Used to practice sword fighting. SHOUT OUT TO RKDF!
Do you have any hidden talents?

……maybe….*dr evil finger grin

If you were marooned on a desert island what 3 items would you bring?

Axe, knife, and rope

Is there anyone you’d like to make a shout out to?

RKDF…(Richmond Kunst Des Fechtens)

A resident of the Washington D.C. area, Brad has helped make Bad Axe Throwing the #1 ranked fun & games activity according to TripAdvisor. Get to know more of our expert axe throwing coaches as we feature them each month.

Make sure to follow Brad on Instagram @brad_the_viking_axecoach

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