Anything but a typical office party, Bad Axe Throwing is redefining corporate & team building events with extra edge. Stepping outside of the ordinary (and sometimes bland) desk and florescent lighting environment, we provide an informal, fun-fuelled place where you team or clients can really let loose and enjoy themselves.

We believe office parties and corporate events in general deserve a makeover. We’ll help you create friendly competition that will strengthen your team’s connection in an unique way, encourage support from peers and allow you to shake off the stresses of work while enjoying an epic experience together. At Bad Axe Throwing, you’ll also enhance your company’s culture and increase team loyalty. After all, the team that throws axes together, stays strong together.

Since axe throwing is indoors, you can book your corporate & team building event during any time of the year.

Unlike golf, axe throwing doesn’t require nice weather—in fact, your team can enjoy it all season long. There’s also no need for white pants and sweater vests. We only recommend plaid and comfortable clothing to show off (or develop) your target-hitting skills. Aside from sharpening your team, you can also impress your clients with an unforgettable experience. You’re sure to make a positive impression by taking them to a cool and relaxing place that’s exceptionally different with the right kind of personality: fresh, innovative and even risk-taking (you are throwing steel blades after all).

Axe throwing office party

There’s no better way to bring people together than with this thrilling activity. Whether young or old, fit or not-so-fit, axe throwing is accessible to every skill level. You don’t need to have jacked arms, but you do need to like fun. And corporate teams really need to have fun after all of that TBCing (taking care of business).

We’ve hosted events for large and small businesses including Scotiabank, Boston Pizza, Ogilvy, Purolator, Sun Life Financial, Bank of America, UBER, Basecamp and more.

Like your successful business, Bad Axe Throwing has received a few accolades, including the Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor. They also ranked us #1 in Fun and Games in Toronto. We know not everyone is from Toronto, but you have to admit, that’s a solid record and we intend on getting it for our locations across Canada (and now the U.S.). Rest assured, your awesome team will be taken care of by the best of the best.

For your axe throwing event, you’ll get a private lane (or lanes depending on group size) to practice and throw. You’ll also have one of our axe throwing coaches who will instruct your team on how to throw an axe as well as host games. Then you will get into round robin play and a tournament to crown the axe throwing champion of your company. If you have a larger team, we’ll ensure you’ll get several coaches to keep everyone learning and having fun.

Our dedicated corporate events planning team will help you coordinate your event and even set up the decorations if you wish.

Team building at Bad Axe Throwing

Bad Axe Throwing allows you to bring food and drinks at no extra charge.

If you’re interested in catering food, we’ll provide you with a list of local vendors and restaurants that we’ve worked with in the past. Our axe throwing venues all have tables and a fridges which are available to you to eat and keep it all extra fresh. We’ll take care of everything from start to finish and promise your team will leave with appropriate (and fun) photos.  Who knows, your company policy may even allow the pictures to be posted on Instagram (just remember to use the hashtag #badaxethrowing).

While you or your team may have to step outside your normal comfort zone to wield an axe, we promise you that axe throwing is incredibly safe – we’ve been accident free since inception.

Give your high-performing employees the fun time they deserve—or help kick-start your team’s growth into a super-charged crew. We’ll provide the venue and the atmosphere to ensure you all have an unforgettable experience.

Reach out to us to book your corporate or team building event with Bad Axe Throwing.

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