As Labour Day approaches, few things signal the arrival of fall better than the crunch of leaves underfoot, bundling up tight and enjoying a warm fire, and the true herald of the autumnal equinox, pumpkin spice and all its iterations. We’d like to tack on two extra fall essentials: a striking arrangement of plaid and axe throwing!

Labour Day long weekend is here!

You’ve beaten the heat with target practice indoors so why not stay warm all year round and keep your skills (and axe) sharp with a great fall activity with Bad Axe Throwing!

The brisk winds of fall will fill your nostrils as you follow the soft glow of a Bad Axe sign indoors to cut your teeth on nailing bullseyes. Whether you’re a walk-in or a part of a group booking, let the competitive juices (and hot cocoa) flow freely at your local Bad Axe Throwing venue.

If you’re looking for something “fallish”to do this labour day long weekend, putting on your plaid flannel and visiting Bad Axe Throwing should definitely be on your list. It’s the perfect opportunity to grab your first cup of pumpkin spice latte and head into one of our locations for walk-in axe throwing! Our professionally trained coaches will teach you how to throw an axe, conduct fun games and host a competitive tournament to crown a champion.

Our walk-in schedules for each Bad Axe location are updated weekly so stay tuned to our Facebook page and follow our Instagram page for pics of events you can be a part of! If you’re inclined to make a booking with us, bring yourself and at least five other friends (6 person minimum) to participate in the madness! A booking nets you 2 ½ hours of throwing time in your own lane and your personal axe coach to compliment your fall fashions and teach you the basic games and advanced throws. Some locations, allow you to bring your own autumn-select beers and brews to keep the fire in your belly alive as the cold creeps in. Children ages 6 and up are welcome to come too even if they’re bundled up tighter than Randy from a Christmas story.

Fall is just around the corner, so kick it off right with Bad Axe Throwing! Now is the most exciting time to join in the axe throwing craze sweeping North America, so find a location near you and book an event today!

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