We welcome only the best for our awesome axe throwing coaches. We look for characters who are strong-willed and enthusiastic. W also look for coaches from all parts of the world as axe throwing is world wide! Meet the Axe Master of Mississauga.

Alex Ramirez

What location are you based out of?
Missisauga but you can sometimes find me in Toronto as well.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, where you from originally?

My full name is Alejandro, and I was born and raised in Chile, South America. I’ve practiced Martial Arts for 18 years and have taught for 16 years.

How did you first hear about Bad Axe?

I was looking for another coaching and teaching position in relevance to Martial Arts

What’s your favorite thing about Axe Throwing?

Knowing I’m at the top of the list for Zombie survival

Axes aren't the only thing I throw. #badaxethrowing #mississauga #watl #badaxethrowingmaster #axethrowing #martialarts

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What was your favorite group you hosted?

I’ve had amazing, fun groups come in it’s hard to pick a favourite. I will say this, I’ve made some great connections and friends along the way.

If you could throw axes with one person in history who would it be?

Bruce Lee for sure. If he can play ping pong with nunchaku, what could he do with an axe?!

What’s a cool fact about you?

I’m learning to develop video games and working on composing music for them! Living the dream!

That bullseye though. #badaxethrowing #mississauga #watl #axethrowing #bullseye #axes #trickshot #axemasters

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There you have him—resident Martial Arts Master of Mississauga, Alex Ramirez. Get to know more of our expert axe throwing coaches on our blog at Bad Axe Throwing!

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