It’s league time again and the spotlight today is shining on the Ottawa axe throwing league! If you’ve been living under a rock, we’ll fill you in: the World Axe Throwing League (WATL) is an international competition that takes place over eight weeks of competition and includes throwers from in 9 countries currently!

WATL was founded by Mario Zelaya in an attempt to unify competitive axe throwing under one banner where all axe throwing organizations can compete under unified rules. Imagine throwing axes on the world stage with someone who speaks another language! Lucky for you, the common tongue for axe throwing is the crackling of wood!

The Ottawa axe throwing league has one of the biggest memberships of all the Bad Axe locations!

One of the biggest league memberships in the organization is found in humble Ottawa, with dozens of members. One member loved the changes so much she wrote a guest post about Ottawa’s league participation last year! It should go without saying (but we like to brag about our members) that league members are a great bunch to hang out and throw with! Even if you’re on the edge of joining up, definitely swing by for a league night meetup or two and see the camaraderie and competitive vibes in the lanes.

Should you decide to take the plunge and join up with the sensation sweeping the nations, you’ll be granted league member status (includes a shiny card), two free axe throwing sessions at any participating WATL certified location, a free session with a group of six or more people, and a league appreciation night. That’s over $100 worth of perks for a low cost of $15 per week of competition! Not to mention our fantastic league appreciation night at the end of the season; members can bring family and friends to throw for free in celebration of all their hard work!

Our dedicated league coaches are veterans of the game and would be happy to gush more on the league experience if you make a booking or come as a walk-in for more information. Sign up for the Ottawa axe throwing league today!

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