From hiring only awesome, expert coaches to the type of wood we craft our targets from, no detail is too small for Bad Axe Throwing to consider.

That’s because we’ve devised the ultimate formula for guaranteeing fun for every customer which involves multiple smaller things adding up together to create one memorable event. Every point of our axe throwing experience is kept as sharp as our blades. We know it works because since 2014, our customers have bragged about the amazing time they’ve had with us. We’ve also had trusted sources like TripAdvisor rate us #1 in Fun and Games in Toronto, along with rave reviews on Google in other cities like Edmonton and Chicago.

Couldn't ask to ring in 25 with a better group of people. I'm a lucky gal. ? you all! #badaxethrowing #badaxebesties

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Customers all tell us the same thing: smaller is better!

When building our business across Canada and the U.S., we’ve been extremely strategic about each one of our Bad Axe Throwing locations. The size of our spaces had to be just right: large enough to accommodate big groups of people but also small enough to create an intimate setting. This was no easy feat and poses a challenge when we set our sights on opening any new location.

Luckily, we’ve got the talent to scope out the best spots and currently have 10 locations (and growing) to prove our theory that smaller is where its at.

In many instances where we’ve hosted  axe throwing birthday and bachelor/bachelorette parties, customers have said they felt like they had the entire place to themselves. Your group will run the show and we’ll make sure everything is taken care of.

This kind of environment is set up in a way so that your group can really focus on being in the moment and having a great time together. Each group is given designated axe throwing lanes and even fridges to keep your snacks and drinks cold. We aim is to create a setting where you can feel comfortable and at home (except there’s a bunch of axes being thrown around). It’s not about being cozy but feeling you can simply relax, let loose and have a great time with your best buds.

Axe Throwing Snacks

Massive warehouse venues remind us of a chaotic shopping experience at Costco. How can such a huge space still make you feel like people are on top of you? It’s always loud and noisy and often you don’t accomplish what you wanted to. Aside from all the confusion, it causes more stress and frustration than unrestricted fun. At Bad Axe Throwing, we know your main goal is pure fun because it’s ours, too. And for our customers, we’ll ensure nothing stands in its way.

Big axe throwing venues are built with one priority in mind—to rake in as much cash as possible by crowding as many customers as possible into one space – not us, we’re in the business of fun.

This idea doesn’t work because it completely ruins the experience and interferes with people focusing on enjoying the experience with their friends. It’s not a smart business strategy and definitely not a smart fun strategy. Smaller settings breed BIG fun.

Since establishing locations in cities both big and small, we know that smaller venues work across the board. No matter what Bad Axe Throwing building you walk into, you’ll be greeted by friendly smiles and experience top rate customer service. Your coach and host will make you feel like your group is the only one in the space by being attentive and dedicated to providing you with the best possible evening. We want you to come back and enjoy the same treatment every time.

Small is the new big, especially when it comes to epic, side-splitting, time-of-your-life FUN. Let us know if you’re interested in booking an unforgettable axe throwing event.

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