We at Bad Axe Throwing Atlanta recently had the pleasure of hosting Whitney Forbis from The Emory Wheel! She shares her own thrill seeking experience learning how to throw axes in the thrill seekers’ paradise Atlanta.

As many first time axe throwers feel, Whitney Forbis from The Emory Wheel Newspaper was nervous to try her hand at axe throwing. Axe Master, Christian Johnson taught Whitney how to throw an axe safely while leaving little room for embarrassment.

Axe throwing has emerged as an unexpected new activity for millennia’s looking to relieve stress in a new (or, more accurately, old-fashioned) way.  – Whitney Forbis

While each of the Bad Axe Throwing locations have a similar set up with wooden lanes consisting of 2 targets in each lane, the Atlanta location is vibrant with colourful graffiti on the wall in the brightly lit unit. Not long after entering the facility, Whitney gets her brief orientation on how to properly throw the axe. Then, she’s left to practice her newly learned skill!

Many people tend to think that the sport of urban axe throwing is geared towards burly men in plaid shirts, although Whitney witnessed first hand the variety of individuals who participate in this unique sport.

“We get all kinds of groups of ladies who just walk in and want to throw axes,” Johnson said. “Also, little ones that I’ve gotten in here, like seven to 10, have picked it up very quickly.”

With the steep learning curve behind her, Whitney challenged her inner lumberjill and learned to throw axes like a pro! Finding ease in the larger axe, Whitney shares that the experience was empowering!


Axe throwing was empowering. The staff was friendly and helpful, and the diverse crowd and welcoming atmosphere surprised me.

This thrill seeker’s paradise in Atlanta is located at 1356 English Street. Although, the sport of urban axe throwing is catching on in many cities in the USA and Canada. We at Bad Axe Throwing dominate the market with a total of 17 locations.

This unique new sport is targeted to anyone seeking a thrilling experience. Book your thrill seeking experience at a nearby location.

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