It’s about time we kept it casual. No need for coordinating logistics with groups, finding friends free on a random night (you’ll meet new ones but we highly recommend bringing your best buds) or scheduling months in advance. This is axe throwing on your terms—any time you feel like chucking beautifully sharpened steel blades. And who are we to stand in your way of fun any damn time you please?

Axe throwing group

The people have spoken and we listened. At Bad Axe Throwing, we’re delivering the best walk-in axe throwing experience when YOU want it.

Feel like releasing some tension after a hard day at the office? Come throw some axes. Want to avoid spending too much money out?

It’s only $20 an hour, cheaper than a few rounds at Happy Hour.

Restless, bored and looking to enhance your week with something physical that won’t leave you dripping in sweat? Perfect your axe throwing technique with us.

Walk-in axe throwing is the ultimate public drop-in class—better than any spin or yoga session you’ll find.

You’ll meet other like-minded people looking for the exact same thing you are: just a good ol’ fashioned fun time. In a common area, you’ll take turns at aiming for the wooden target while guided by one of our awesome expert coaches. Whether you’re a beginner, novice or regular lumberjack/lumberjill, we invite you to strengthen your technique, learn some cool new tricks and develop the skills to impress anyone. Or maybe, you just want to practice a few throws. Whatever your mood, a chill walk-in session will make you feel good—dare we say better than a cold brew? Almost…almost.

Walk-in axe throwing sessions are available across all our locations including: Burlington, Mississauga, Vaughan, Kitchener, Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Surrey and Chicago. We’re taking over and expanding across North America. If you don’t see a city near you, sit tight because a Bad Axe Throwing facility will be opening soon (or you can always take a nice trip to see us, we guarantee it’ll be worth your while!)

We’re really excited to be offering walk-in axe throwing because it allows you to enjoy the fun of chucking steel blades through the air at your leisure.

And in a totally safe environment because you’ll always have instruction from our expert coaches. We get commitment is hard nowadays. Between monthly gym memberships that automatically suck out your hard earned cash to annoying subscription services that don’t offer any real value, it’s no wonder people have trust issues. But it’s not that way at Bad Axe Throwing. Enjoy all the benefits of axe throwing like meeting new people who also like fun, participating in a physical activity, releasing the stress of modern life and doing something totally out of the ordinary, without any obligation. All in all, we make it super easy to have fun.

Woman throwing axe

Before walk-in axe throwing became an official offer to our amazing customers, you couldn’t enjoy the thrill of axe throwing unless you had at least 8 people in a group to book. At Bad Axe Throwing, we’re about being inclusive and realized no one should be prevented from experiencing our kind of fun, whenever they wanted. It’s our goal to bring the sport to as many people as possible, so we had to make this available to anyone, from new customers to our favourite regulars.

Even if you haven’t thrown an axe before, you can still take it casual with us because honestly, we know after your first time, you’ll want to commit.

Trust us, we’ve earned the bragging rights.

When you really want to take it up a notch after a few walk-in sessions, we suggest you take advantage of our axe throwing league—available at all Bad Axe Throwing locations. There, you’ll have the chance to really show off your talent by participating in a championship tournament to crown the Axe Throwing League Champion.

If you’re interested in something a little more personal with your own throwing lanes, we also offer group experiences to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate events and more. Whatever the event, it’ll be a memorable experience for everyone who attends.

So walk in when you want and check us out, we promise you’ll be back for more. Check out our public walk-in schedule – it changes throughout the week so check it the day before you want to come by.

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