The week of January 15th we will kick off Bad Axe Throwing’s Winter league! What better way to warm up from a cold day than with indoor axe throwing!

Wrangle up your friends and bring them to our axe throwing league. It’s a place of acceptance, passion and hilarity. It’s a league you can join alone or with others. It doesn’t have any weird initiation customs and it doesn’t require you to wear any silly shirts, hats or uniforms.

Our axe throwing leagues are only $15/week!

If you’re looking for an offbeat date night activity or if you’re a self-proclaimed professional axe thrower wanting to show off some serious skills, then join a league in your hometown’s axe throwing facility. Leagues are all-inclusive meaning you can bring your girlfriend, boyfriend, parents, and whoever else you’d want to share the experience with. Lone wolves are also more than welcome to join!

We guarantee that the adrenaline rush from throwing axes while competing against the best of the best to reach the finals will be an addiction you’ll be feeding every week of the league season.

You’ll also get access to the best of the best—our expert axe throwing coaches who are passionate about helping others develop their talent. They’ll give you some pointers and show you how to perform a few new maneuvers and maybe even add a couple tricks to your arsenal.

With our leagues, you don’t have to buy your own equipment. We supply the axes for you guys. If they break, it’s okay, you’re never on the hook for it.

Leagues are typically seasonal and run for 8 weeks with events on weekday evenings that run for about 2.5 hours. Most people who join leagues are first timers at axe throwing, so the first week is usually a practice run with expert axe throwing coaches teaching you the ropes. League pricing varies with each urban axe throwing facility, although all of them are affordable at an average rate of $15/week so everyone can join the fun.

When you join an axe throwing league, you’re not just competing against others or honing your technique. You’re joining a community of rad people who share a love of throwing sharp objects with a side of friendly competition.

We know there’s a legendary axe thrower just waiting to be revealed, so why not take a chance?

We offer an axe throwing league at every one of our locations across Canada and the U.S!  If you don’t see your city on the list, don’t worry, Bad Axe Throwing is always expanding and slowly taking over North America. Keep an eye out because we will be establishing an axe throwing league near you.

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