We love taking on coaches who are outgoing and creative at Bad Axe Throwing. They have to be able to teach everyone the ropes, lead a group, and deliver an outstanding experience that our guests will remember for the rest of their lives. Our coaches can make anyone feel at home around sharp steel.

Enter Coach Neil Girvan — Bad Axe’s very own classically-trained actor and bullseye enthusiast.

What location are you based out of?

When did you join the Bad Axe Throwing team?
2 years ago.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Bad Axe Throwing?
Teaching people how to hit bullseyes when they think they can’t. Also just meeting cool, fun customers and having a great time running events. 

What’s your favorite memory/event from Bad Axe Throwing?
Other than winning the coaches Christmas party tournament, there was a time when all was lost for one team at an event I was running and they needed to hit a blue circle (10 points) to win the game. The player that was struggling the most out of the whole group was up and had one throw left to hit the blue circle and win the game. Her teammates started chanting her name and she looked embarrassed but determined. She leaned back and made the throw, nailing the blue circle and winning the game! People went nuts! True story. 

When you’re not throwing axes, where can we find you?
Hopefully on TV or in a movie. I’m a classically-trained union actor and have been at that profession for the last 20 years. So if I’m not axe throwing, I’m learning lines for an audition. 

What’s your hidden talent?
Writing and photography. 

Tell us something weird about you that no one really knows.
I think I have OCD! (laughs) I got addicted to axe throwing and hitting bullseyes!

Any hobbies?
Outside of photography and writing (scripts), I make my living from my “hobbies”. Acting and axe throwing pay the bills!

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?
Go to Hawaii and learn to surf. 

Can you do any trick shots?
Yup, I can do a number of trick shots: two axes at the same time, 2 axes underhand facing the target, 1 axe underhand back to the target, two axes one hand, and long distance throws at triple the distance. I’m currently working on other trickshots!

And there he is—Toronto’s multi-talented Coach Neil Girvan. Get to know more of our expert axe throwing coaches on our blog at Bad Axe Throwing!

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