World Axe Throwing League Perks

Bad Axe Throwing is now a part of the World Axe Throwing League (WATL). With its membership, we’re able to provide you with exclusive perks for being an active league member. The perks are available for all Bad Axe Throwing locations, although some locations may have limited or no availability for walk-in sessions. For┬ámore details and information on the perks and limitations, please read the details below.

Free Walk-In Axe Throwing

When you present your WATL league card, you'll be able to attend 1 hour public walk-in sessions once a week for free, that's a $160 saving!

Now our serious league members can get some practice to be really competitive and become the best of the best! This will still be subject to walk-in availability to make sure to check out your local Bad Axe page for the schedule on our walk-in's each week.

This offer cannot be combined with another offer nor used for other guests. Offer is valid for current league members only.

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